Meet The Team!

At Love and Legacy Studios our number 1 goal that we share is that we just want you and your families to have a freaking blast on your wedding day! You've worked so hard to put this day together for yourselves and it would be awful if you had a photographer that wouldn't let you enjoy it! Thats why our first priority is making sure you are comfortable and having fun the entire day. We want to be able to deliver you a story book of images that tells the story of your wedding day exactly how it happened, and not how your photographer "directed" it to happen. For that reason we want you to be you and we want your personalities to shine through in these images. We have a very special approach to the wedding day and it allows for you to have a blast, and us to be able to capture it in the most exciting way possible!

Father, husband, and a car lovin’ foodie that mountain bikes while listening to house music and metal! Ask me about my crazy story on how I became a photographer!
Tattooed wife, girl mom, and lover of sushi and tacos when I’m not hydrating with coffee!