Don’t Forget These Items In Your Wedding Kit!

Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding

Here are a few items for you to remember to pack on your wedding day that you might not have thought of. When packing your “go-bag” for your wedding, there are a ton of things that you are probably thinking you might need. There are also some items you might not realize you’ll need that will save you later. Check them out below!

Ladies, bring flats!

There are a few reasons and benefits of bringing flats to wear on your wedding day. There is a possibility that you could be going on soft grass for pictures that could potentially damage your heals, but there will also be times that you are going to just want to kick off your heals and give your feet a break. The greatest thing about having flats is that in most cases, in the pictures, you won’t see them! Depending on how long your dress is, your dress will fall over tops of your feet.

Deodorant for him and/or her

Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding

For obvious reasons, lets not forget this. Trust me, your guests and the people you put arms around will thank you! If possible for the ladies, stick to a gel or something clear. When you bring your arms over someone’s shoulders with a dark jacket (like your husband during your first dance) it will leave white deodorant marks on their suit jackets.

Crochet Hook…the person helping with the dress will thank you

One of the most exciting parts of getting ready is getting the dress on. Now some dresses have zippers, while others have buttons with an elastic loops that need to be pulled over the buttons. This is no easy task especially when there are about 20 of them. Don’t forget this crochet hook because the person securing these buttons will love you…If you forget this tool, this person helping you with the dress might need a strong drink to numb their fingers after they are done.

Men, bring an extra shirt. Especially in the summer!

Dudes, some of us sweat more than others and when you add summer, things can get a little…interesting. Or you can be like the guy below and rip your shirt off. I always suggest grooms pack an extra shirt for the wedding day. I will usually tell them to wait to change the shirt until before the reception, this way they feel fresh and when you have your jacket off you won’t see the sweat through the shirt!

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

Snacks are sooooo underrated. Depending on how you set you wedding day up you may have some pretty long gaps where you won’t be able to put any snacks or food in your system. Lets be honest, alcohol might be easier to get your hands on than food will be. So if you remember, bring a small bag of energy bars or snacks to bring along to keep energy up so you can make it to the reception without burning out! The groom below didn’t snack enough through the day, so his wife decided to help him out and force feed him some cake ;)

We hope you enjoyed some of these tips and we hope it can be helpful on your wedding day. If you have any other things that you’d like to see added to this list, feel free to send us an email!