The Love and Legacy Experience

Someone said yes, so let's plan!!

Congratulations! While planning can be fun, it can also be overwhelming. Love and Legacy Studios provides an experience to relieve you of some wedding planning stress. We want to be your resource, and that vendor for you to lean on when you have questions!

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Let's catch up!

An important part of looking for a photographer is making sure you have a great connection. We'd love to learn more about what makes you "tick"! Let's set up a time to catch up!

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We want to book!

Easy and smooth. When you want to take the next steps, it as easy as signing an electronic contract from your phone, and paying a retainer by card. It's that easy!

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Welcome to the family, now let's break the mold!

We break the mold of the average photographer who books clients and then doesn't chat with them until the wedding. We are there throughout the entire process to guide you both in making the best decisions for your wedding day and helping you through anything else that you may be unsure about.

Expect some fun activities...

Early on in the planning we'll be sending you a "get to know you" questionnaire. Its time to snuggle up, grab a drink and answer some questions that might spark some fun conversation. This secretly lets us know how your relationship formed.

Finding "THAT" spot

The best part about engagement sessions is they're all about you! We can document a favorite activity you enjoying doing together, maybe re-visit the location you both fell in love, maybe your favorite bar? Possibilities are ENDLESS!

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Shoot Timeeeeee!

The engagement session is here! Forget about all that planning crap and just take this time to enjoy what this planning has been all!

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Talking details

We're getting close to the big day. How will all of this fit together like the perfect puzzle?

About 2 months before your wedding day you will receive a timeline questionnaire. We can then schedule a call and discuss the fine details!

Here's the Timeline Breakdown Guide!

The "I Do's"

All the efforts of planning and envisioning your perfect day are finally here! Today is the day where you relax, enjoy, and remember the reason this is all happening!

We're about to make some magic

After the wedding, we'll be heading back to the studio to download and start editing your wedding images!

While we try our best to get these images back as quickly as possible, we also don't want to rush them. We have an 8 week turnaround time, but that varies depending on the time of year. Most times we deliver within 3-4 weeks. Hang in there, it'll be worth the wait. Use this time to enjoy each other either at home or on your honeymoon.

Wedding photos are here!

The wait is over and your gallery is ready! Quite literally the storybook of images to relive your wedding day through. So you ask, what do we do now??

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Creating memories you can touch

You've put all the effort into making the perfect day. You have these beautiful memories in images and you ask "what now". We want you to have something tangible from the first few documented hours you became one. Why would you spend all the efforts you did putting this wedding together to just have your wedding images collect "dust" on your computer, or go to die on an Instagram post in 7 seconds. They are worth more than that. We spend a lot of time together and want to make sure we guide you to be able to maximize the purpose of these images. Whether it be creating an album, or being able to create a wall art collection that will bring a smile to your face whenever you walk into a room.

Ask about our album design sessions!